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Joan Sparks is a thought leader in the realm of group coaching and has been working with internal teams and public groups for over fifteen years.

Joan works with groups, teams and organizations in the areas of leadership, teamwork, and business success. Her clients include manufacturing, engineering, construction, corporate and non-profit sectors, from small business to large global organizations

Joan fuses her rich experience as a former sales leader in the staffing services industry, experiential educator, coach and workshop leader. She has delivered group programs both for internal leadership development and public professional groups since 2003.


Three to four in-person, half day meetings

Learn how like-minded executives, business owners or peers have been successful in achieving alignment and influencing the direction of their organization.

Step out of the action once a month to increase your network and focus on your professional development, strategic  goals and/or tools that will help your team and business get to the next level.

Surround yourself with lifelong learners and high-performing peers who are committed to becoming extraordinary leaders – and helping you achieve the same.

Utilize your peer group as an unbiased sounding board that will provide honest feedback to help you think critically about the most effective path forward.

Three to four two-hour meetings

Stay connected and accountable to personal and professional commitments through regular in-person and virtual meetings.

Continuous learning and sharing with time to integrate the new tools and ideas shared during the in-person workshops

Six to nine sessions

Each group gathering will offer a short training on topics that support both personal and professional growth. This small workshop setting encourages interaction and sharing. The diversity of the group wisdom and experience broadens your perspective, creating a deeper learning experience.


Each individualized group within the community is a mechanism to organize, harness, and honor the collective wisdom of the whole community. Contributions to the community unleash the power of the network.

If you are interested in exploring whether an executive coaching group or an internal leadership group fits your organizational goals and objectives, contact us for more information.